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I think she lives in contacts for as many hours per day as her eyes allow. se=8&ig_cache_key=MTY4NDI3Mz U1MDQ4Mj I5ODk4MQ==.2 se=8&ig_cache_key=MTI5Nz E1OTAw MDkw Mz Q1Nj Ix NQ==.2 These are the -20 glasses she had 2 years ago. se=7&ig_cache_key=MTE1NTY3ODEx MTEx Mj Iz NDAw NQ==.2 She is quite a gorgeous lady.

, Plus F5FMwai Ar P26Jim H , Moderate minus Mzgg Y7/ Bifocals Yje9YD1Oy/ Z7Tzn DSh/ Qg KCZ/ Cute Jim H , Moderate minus P8Ml Fhfr I/ Bikini HXW/ Clear frames Jim H , Moderate Plus Ae U1Eli VJ/ Nice PDu/ Bvg-og TYP/ Fnc R/ Mister Mild , The latest from Fox Trot Bitch

Peripheral vision is a problem, as is the ring scotoma (a fancy word that just refers to the optical blind area that such strong magnifying lenses produce).

Her distance acuity might actually be better than 20/20, as the added magnification helps.

This is a common reason for less than perfect acuity in these situations.

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I don't know if she has any vision at all in that eye or whether the strong right lens in her glasses is helping at all or just for cosmetic purposes to match her left lens. taken-by=sarahtinee Soundmanpt , Just to clear up all the confusion, I have decided to upload a picture of my true self. taken-by=ilseglucose https:// https:// https:// Wr L8Yh Jfz/?Conce , NJ Thanks a lot for explaining, I find your information very interesting.Coul it also be that such strong lenses Will magnify the surroundings for the person?You are completely right that bi focals at this strength magnify so much that you really cant get much more than one word in focus at a time. I find a separate pair of reading glasses much better but its a pain to be swapping specs around on the underground!Conce asked how much the girl would be able to see.In one video she shows a view from a railway platform.A black shadow then moves in from the right and the whole view goes extremely blurred.I wear glasses of a similar strength, and prefer bifocals.They're challenging, but useful for short duration reading.