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In 1972, he starred in the Broadway production of "Status Quo Vadis" with Ted Danson.

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I mean, they got rid of Richard Seymour and went to the Super Bowl.

Norv Turner, three-time NFL head coach and longtime coordinator who coached Troy Aikman: Brady's record speaks for itself.

For example, Tom Brady was ranked above the other QBs 87 percent of the time. Read through the full file, or jump to your favorite QB using the quick links below.1. The second variable was their individual production. All of these things are tied in to the personnel they are with, the coaching that they had, the change in coaching that they had, the different systems they had to play in.

Peyton Manning (80 percent) and Joe Montana (78) were next, followed by John Elway (67 percent), Aaron Rodgers (56) and so on. Let's get to the best QBs of the past four decades! And then the fourth thing was performance in the critical part of the game, which to me was fourth-quarter comebacks or game-winning drives.

He's been blessed to play his whole career for one of the best all-around coaches ever. Brady has taken the game to a new level with training, nutrition and overall fitness.

That is partly why he has been able to play at his prime level for such a long period of time.

Rodney Harrison told me defending Peyton was so different from everyone else he ever had to play against. I put Manning and Marino at the top of the nonscramblers because they didn't have the benefit of dominant defenses.

It takes an all-time-great voting panel to rank the greatest NFL quarterbacks of the modern era.

We have assembled one of those, which might be the last time everyone reading this treatise nods in solidarity.

Howard Mudd: The defenses are so much more complex in the current era. He spent his rookie year, every two-hour meeting we had during the day if we had a night practice, we went in the gymnasium at Anderson College and we worked on blitzes until he understood who was not blocked. If Peyton Manning had New England's defenses, he would be at the top of this list and he would be 5-2 or 6-1 in Super Bowls.

You have to be smarter now than you ever have been. Super Bowl titles: 2 MVPs: 5 First-team All-Pro: 74th-quarter comebacks: 1st Game-winning drives: 1st Yards/attempt: 7th Adjusted net yards/attempt: 2nd *Minimum 50 starts Expected team win pct: .506 Actual team win pct: .685 Wins above expectation: 17.9% Wins added per 16 games: 2.9 Norv Turner: If you're going to create a quarterback in a lab, this is your guy. People were critical of Peyton for the playoff losses -- the interception against New Orleans or whatever -- but his teams were not good enough on defense.

Mike Shanahan: Peyton started a new wave of football -- coach on the field, being able to call plays at the line of scrimmage.

And then you take a look at his stats throughout his career: very impressive, especially with teams that were usually pretty average on defense.

Panelists were instructed to use their own criteria. Brady might own the best career credentials, but those other guys presented additional challenges. Wade Phillips, three-time NFL head coach who entered the league in 1976 and coached both Elway and Jim Kelly: Tom Brady is easy for me. They haven't always had great defenses, and they have still won an unbelievable amount of games and the championships and so forth. We have seen this in every era: Otto Graham and Paul Brown, Bart Starr and Vince Lombardi, Johnny Unitas and Don Shula/Weeb Ewbank, Terry Bradshaw and Chuck Noll, Joe Montana/Steve Young and Bill Walsh.

This exercise was more like completing a deep out into the teeth of the blitz than checking it down to the halfback underneath a soft zone."I went 'round and 'round and 'round," Turner said. I don't think Bill Belichick would be Bill Belichick without Tom Brady, and Brady would not have the same success without Belichick and the way they have put that team together.

Mike Shanahan, two-time Super Bowl-winning head coach who coached Montana, Young and Elway: Five Super Bowl wins, especially the way he has won them. I don't know him very well personally, but I love the way he handles himself. GOAT Index: 80.0 percent | Highest rank: 1 | Lowest rank: 5 Teams: Colts, Broncos Manning appeared among the top three on six of 10 ballots.

Montana ranked that high eight times, but he was also lower than Manning on a couple of ballots amid some thought that he would not have translated as well to other offensive systems.