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Wyndham succeeded in getting the personalities merged into one.

Although the pair then made plans to marry, Susan convinced Royce that it would be best to cancel the wedding since he was no longer the man Emily fell in love with, so Royce left, devastating Emily.

Although Barbara tried to put a stop to it, Emily forced her to keep quiet by threatening to reveal Barbara's secret--that her husband, Hal Munson, was the father of Margo Hughes's baby. After that, a lovesick Paul started sending Emily flowers and romantic notes, but she told him that what they had was a one-night stand and resumed her affair with Brock.

In the meantime, Emily and Paul were becoming close. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to anyone, James was back and lurking around Oakdale.

To give the child a name, she married Holden Snyder.

Emily soon found herself pregnant with James's child.Unfortunately, not long after Brock was found dead.Although Emily was convinced Ellie was the killer, the true murderer turned out to be Philip, who had put an unsuccessful hit on both Emily and Ellie.Finally, one night, after one of Emily and Brock's big blow-ups, Paul came over and found her inconsolable. When he discovered that Emily was involved with his son, he became enraged and attacked.Luckily for Emily, Paul arrived and, needing to protect her from James's wrath, Paul grabbed a gun (given to Emily by Brock Lombard) seemingly shot his father dead.She became engaged, again, to Jeff Hamlin, only to have him leave her when he learned she purposely caused her mother not to get an out of state job, just so she wouldn't leave Oakdale.The reason Emily didn't want her mom to leave was Alison Mc Dermott.Not long after, Emily confessed to Brock the reason that James had died--shed slept with his teenage son, Paul.To her surprise, Brock was forgiving and informed her that he was planning on divorcing his wife in secret so that he and Emily could be together.Over the next several years, Emily chased after several men.All the men she fell for were either taken, deceitful, or both.