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I guess it was a good decision since she will be living on campus. I finally found the courage with alot of support to leave.

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The socialite appeared alongside her longtime partner and fiance, fashion designer Lloyd Klein, for an interview and photo shoot with Daily Mail TV inspired by French actress Brigitte Bardot.She credits her “high cheekbones and long hair” with her background, despite many believing her looks are clearly the result of several surgeries designed to make her look more like a cat.“I don’t understand the whole press and the Catwoman thing, because Jocelyn always looked like that,” Klein said. I have pictures from 16 years old where she looks exactly the same as today.” Wildenstein, 77, outright denied having any plastic surgery when asked directly by the outlet.“No, especially when we look back at my pictures - I think of course I am maybe more beautiful [back then],” she said.Famed New York socialite, Jocelyn Wildenstein, known for her “Catwoman” nickname as a result of her feline-like features, has given her first televised interview in two decades.In it, she credits her Swiss heritage, rather than any cosmetic surgery, for her looks. Jocelyn and her boyfriend, Lloyd Klein, were both arrested for assault earlier this month after a physical altercation while cooking dinner.But the Manhattan District Attorney's Office tells TMZ ...

We're also told they don't have to stay away from each other anymore, but it's crystal clear -- no more fights, or else.

Jocelyn Wildenstein, 75, is as well known for her immense divorce settlement as she is for her looks.

The Swiss-born socialite was awarded .5 billion (£1.7 billion) from her former elite art dealer and horse-racing husband Alec in the late 1990s .

I think I was more pretty.” Wildenstein first rose to popularity after her highly public divorce from billionaire art dealer Alec Wildenstein in 1999.

In a settlement that was a record-breaker at the time, she took home roughly .5 billion. She and Klein began dating soon after and were together roughly 14 years before he popped the question.

Wildenstein was arrested in December 2016 over allegations she attacked Klein with her nails.

Meanwhile, charges were brought against Klein after Wildenstein alleged he shoved her in an altercation at their Trump World Tower residence.

Klein says that all he could do to stop the assault was to lock her in a closet until the police arrived at their Trump high rise.

Wildenstein has now been charged with felony and misdemeanor assault for her crime against Klein. The video, which was given to the press anonymously, shows the lynx-like woman screeching at Klein in English and French (she was born in Switzerland, and though she has lived in the United States for decades, she maintains a thick accent).

Jocelyn Wildenstein is an American socialite who is known for marrying into the notorious Wildenstein family and subsequently becoming one of the wealthiest divorcees in the world.

Born in Switzerland, Wildenstein traveled around Europe and Africa in her youth, before marrying Wildenstein, with whom she has two children.