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Member of a type design team at Monotype that created the Tazugane Gothic typeface in 2017. In 2015, he designed the minimalist hipster typeface Nara, which is inspired by the architecture of Japan's second historical period known as Nara. [ Four high-quality Chinese True Type fonts generously provided by Arphic Technology (Taipei, Taiwan) to the Free Software community under the "Arphic Public License". So I am hosting the fonts on my site: Download these fonts: AR-PL-Kaiti M-Big5, AR-PL-Kaiti M-GB, AR-PL-Mingti2L-Big5, AR-PL-Sungti L-GB. [ Free fonts by Sean Moldenhauer of Michigan City, Indiana, a graduate of the Art institute of Chicago who apprenticed with Donna Karen.

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This may not be news to you, but for someone who hadn't been to doctors very much, a crappy doctor felt like an oxymoron, given that they supposedly dedicate their lives to helping people.

But every doctor I was going to was dismissive, mansplain-y, too busy, and, frankly, seemed kind of bored.

Even if a doctor's demeanor wasn't overtly dismissive, their game plan for my health was.

Three years ago, I realized that I was on four pills I didn't need to be on, many of them not even for the ailment they were formulated for.

I was sick of being a mess and sick of being, well, sick.

I had been living with a partially healed broken shoulder, chronic migraines, weird abdominal pains, and a sharp stabbing foot pain; my monthly colds had evolved into a couple bouts of pneumonia.

Yes, in America, it's sadly a privilege to even be able to carve out the time and have the money to go to doctors, but that doesn't mean anyone's pain should be ignored.I was auditioning a new gyno, and within minutes she'd told me that that the birth-control pill I was on was very dangerous for me, given the fact that I'm prone to neurological migraines.She pulled up some recent trials linking that kind of pill to strokes.For example, I told a doctor about some stomach issues I was having, and he nonchalantly mumbled, "It's probably just cramps," as if I were his naggy wife trying to get him to talk about my feelings.After I told him I wasn't on my period, he said, "You probably have IBS." Turns out I did not have IBS; he was just full of BS.When I finally made the time to see a neurologist about my recurring and debilitating migraines, I asked the doctor if I should get an MRI on my brain, and she rolled her eyes at me. It was one of those eye rolls that seem to reverberate all the way into someone's neck and cause their head to tilt, to the point where I think she should have gotten an MRI too.Apparently, it wasn't just male doctors who perceived my desire to heal as dramatic and annoying.After I saw all those docs and got a good shrink, I started to develop things like "boundaries" and "standards," two concepts about which I was oblivious in my twenties.I had a harrowing epiphany: there's such a thing as a doctor who is an asshole.Doctors had put me on an Alzheimer's medication for migraines, a thyroid medication for low energy, birth control for depression, and antidepressants for sleep issues.Not to say that these pills aren't miraculous for many people, but the combination triggered headaches and made me tired and dizzy. After I froze my eggs, I got sick of pumping my body full of hormones and chemicals, so I tried to go off the antidepressant.