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Having said that, I didn’t necessarily mind their reduced exposure, and I thought that most of the new characters reinvigorated an already excellent show.

But after I mentioned in last Friday’s Web chat that I’d be talking to "House" creator/executive producer David Shore on Monday, I heard from many disgruntled Cameron/Chase fans.

MR: There are a whole lot of people on the show now.

Prior to working at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, Cameron was a medical intern at the Mayo Clinic and was one of the top students in her class in medical school. However, she ends their relationship when Chase informs her that he wants to take their relationship to the next level.

(“House” will air four episodes starting April 28; for more on what will happen in those episodes, go here; you can also go to the end of this item, where I've posted Fox's plot summaries for the four episodes).

I’ll be posting the complete transcript of my conversation with Shore as “House’s” return date gets closer, but here’s the part of the interview that touched on Chase and Cameron situation (and this part is not spoilery).

After an outburst of his wife, the doctor realizes she was indeed mad at House but not him.

He says he did it, and won't leave the hospital just because she wants to pretend he didn't.

“Cameron and Chase are certainly not on screen as much as they used to be, but the stuff they’re doing, I think, takes on a different weight and a greater weight,” Shore said. The show feels a little crowded with so many characters to service each week.

“I’m going to say something your readers aren’t going to like, but as someone running a television show, you have to be very careful – people think they want something and they do want something, but it’s not what they need, shall we say, and it’s not what the show needs,” Shore said later in the interview. I asked Shore if any cast members would be leaving the show, but he was cagey on the topic, and would only say that something “pretty significant” happens in the two-parter that closes out the season.

There are no plans to change [Cameron and Chase’s] fundamental roles, we’re not bringing them back into [House’s] team so fast. DS: Something is happening at the end of this year which I think is pretty significant.

I like the fact that they’re not answerable to House anymore, and as a result of that, what they tell House takes on a greater significance. They have grown up, in a way, and we’re having fun with that and we’re trying to do [more of] that. Hopefully we’ll be getting a little more of them than you were getting in the last batch of episodes MR: In the last bunch of episodes, it seems that one of them might have one scene, and the other one might not be on at all. We certainly want them each to have a significant presence [in each episode]. And you have to be really careful with these things.

Cameron confronts House by saying he ruined Chase's life making him "unable to see right or wrong and not to see the sanctity of human life". House, which has disappeared as a result of recent events, along with her love for Chase.

The episode ends with Cameron parting with Chase and leaving their apartment in tears.