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Then I saw the back of the walrus coming out of the water.“I ran to the coast and I could see it breaching out of the water, and I could see the tusks.

My stomach dropped and I thought, ‘Oh my word’.“I ran round the corner where it was heading and it came up on the beach, where it stayed for around 30 seconds.

In water they’ll swim between four miles and 20 miles per hour.Michael Straczynski, Frank Quitely, Mark Bagley, Greg Land, Neal Adams, Jhonen Vasquez, Peter Laird.William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Carrie Fisher, Alice Cooper, Linda Blair, James Callis, Gates Mc Fadden, Robert Picardo, Jeffrey Combs, Verne Troyer, Karen Black, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Brian Michael Bendis, Geoff Johns, Ethan Van Sciver, Mike Mignola, Roman Dirge, Josh Middleton Canadian National Expo re-branded as Fan Expo Canada.They usually eat clams and occasionally feed on fish.“Like seals, the walrus is a very sociable animal which is typically found in numbers.A solitary walrus is not the norm.”Mr Harrop said he expected the walrus to soon slip back into the water and swim off.“We are actually hoping it comes to Shetland.Fan Expo Canada also includes a large autographs area, as well as an Artists Alley where comic book artists can sign autographs and sell or do free sketches.In recent years, Fan Expo Canada has become one of the few events that provides selling "exclusive" products to attendees.While the arrival of a walrus in Scotland is extremely rare, there have been at least 13 recorded sightings of walrus in Shetland since 1815, according to Hugh Harrop, director of Shetland Wildlife.Mr Harrop said: “The walrus is still a vagrant to the UK.It’s best to think of animals as pioneers looking for new habitats.“These animals can survive for many weeks or even months without feeding.“They have extortionate amount of blubber under the skin which they can survive on.