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Dispel is a White Magic spell learned by Rosa and Porom.

It was not present in the SNES version for the player, but it could be used by using the Aura Staff, called Lunar in the SNES version, as an item.

It removes positive status effects and some magic-based status ailments from its target.The spell can remove Berserk, Stop (only if Doom is inflicted), Blink, Reflect, Sap, and Barrier statuses.In all non-DS versions, the spell is reflectable and so it cannot remove Reflect. It is learned by Rosa (level 31) and Porom (level 31).In subsequent releases after Origins, Dispel removes all beneficial status effects from a single enemy.Dispel can be cast by Death Gaze, Death Eye, Death Knight, and Dark Fighter.It is not always guaranteed that Dispel will work even if the creature does have a positive status effect on it.An area of effect version, Dispelga, exists in some games.In titles thereafter it has been referred to in Japanese as Despell with the exception of Final Fantasy XI.The name may be in reference to the Dispel magic from Dungeons & Dragons.In the original Japanese version, this item produces the effect of Dispel when used as an item, which is what the animation is from.This functionality was removed from Final Fantasy II (US) and Easy Type, but can still be seen by the player because its visual effect wasn't removed.