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Also avoid awkward SMS-speak like “u” for “you” and “4” for “for.” You’ll alienate more people than you attract, even if that is in fact how you communicate in short form like text messages or casual emails. Don’t you usually wait until a couple texts in to get that lazy with someone new? All this tells me is that you’re a dude (probably) who’s named Jeremy (probably) who may or may not have been born and/or graduated and/or created this profile in 1987. So don’t just go sticking in the number of your birth year or area code or whatever.

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However, once we'd successfully paired our PDA and GPS devices, we had smooth sailing.

The receiver quickly locked on to the required satellites and kept up strong reception throughout.

Along the left side is an SD card slot which most people won’t need. I always cringe when I see a stylus on a GPS because you shouldn’t need one… Make the manual your friend while learning the operating of this device.

No SD card is included, but instead a plastic “blank” fills the slot. “Click” the dial once and the volume menu will appear.

The Navigator interface relies on large, easy-to-read icons, though you often have to flip between several screens to find what you're looking for, especially when you venture into program settings.

Navigation occurs on either 2D or 3D maps, both of which deliver some of the sharpest detail and smoothest scrolling we've ever seen on a GPS.

If you're lucky enough to own a compatible smart phone, you can use Tom Tom's cool Plus service.

With it, you can download real-time traffic and weather information, updated maps and POIs, and even new voices, including a humorous New York cabbie.

After you install the Navigator software on your handheld, a Tom Tom logo appears on the Today screen, thereby enabling convenient one-tap access to the program.Tom Tom Plus is free until the end of December 2005, but the company hasn't decided what pricing structure it will implement after that.Even without Tom Tom Plus, Navigator 5 ranks among the top PDA-based GPS systems available today.Before we get into the thick of things, it is important to note who this GPS is not for.If you were to create a list of adjectives and phrases to describe your ideal GPS and that list contains simple, straight forward, out of the box, or drop dead easy…. If on the other hand your list contains customizable, full featured, does it all, or you are an advanced GPS user, keep on reading.Tom Tom Navigator 5The Tom Tom Navigator 5 adds one more weapon to your PDA's arsenal of features: GPS navigation.Though certainly not the first kit of its kind--add-on GPS receivers have long been available from vendors such as --Navigator 5 definitely represents the best of the breed.That has changed with the introduction of the HP i PAQ 310 which is built more like a traditional PND.This GPS is packed full of features and is currently selling for good prices at those features.We had some initial problems getting our Dell Axim X50v to recognize the Tom Tom Navigator, but we attribute them to Windows Mobile's awkward Bluetooth pairing process and the total lack of instruction in Tom Tom's HTML-based manual; it covers Navigator operation in nicely illustrated detail but offers zero information on the GPS itself.What's more, whenever we turned off the Axim X50v and turned it back on, it was unable to reestablish a connection with the GPS until we exited and restarted Navigator.