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By default, the command will create a new, empty file/folder.If the optional argument localfile is specified along with the full path to a document on the local computer, GAM will upload that file's contents to Drive.This argument may not work on non team drive resources.This example shows the permissions of one of jsmith's files gam user [email protected] drivefileacl 0B8a CWH-x Li2Nckx XOEp5REUt NEE John Smith domain: email Address: [email protected] Link: Wvb Yord Y/AAAAAAAAAAE/AAAAAAAAERg/nzagv0IV4y Q/s64/role: owner type: user id: 17297927562723854745 George Wilson domain: email Address: [email protected] Link: Yf Vbg I4w/AAAAAAAAAa I/AAAAAAAAb SI/Y0RRW2LWX5U/s64/role: writer type: user id: 00772439636938147216 Grants a user, group, domain or anyone permission to the given Drive file/folder.

This example uploads the file sillycat.mp4 to Google Drive for a user gam all users add drivefile drivefilename "TPS Reports" mimetype gfolder gam all users add drivefile drivefilename "TPS Doc" mimetype gdoc parentname 'TPS Reports' gam all users add drivefile drivefilename "TPS Sheet" mimetype gsheet parentname 'TPS Reports' gam all users add drivefile drivefilename "TPS Presentation" mimetype gpresentation parentname 'TPS Reports' gam all users add drivefile drivefilename "TPS Drawing" mimetype gdrawing parentname 'TPS Reports' Update a Drive file's metadata and/or content.The optional parameter purge causes the files to be immediately purged from the user's Google Drive so that they are no longer recoverable from Trash.This example moves the given Drive file to the user's Trash in Drive.By default, the output is sent to the screen and only the file owner, title and URL columns are shown.The optional Create or upload a new file to Google Drive for the given user(s).In order to determine which file(s) are updated, either the id or drivefilename arguments must be specifies the exact unique id of the file to be updated.Organizer replaces and is the equivalent to the owner role for Team Drives.The optional withlink parameter specifies that the file is not "discoverable" or indexed.[allfields] [createddate] [description] [fileextension] [filesize] [id] [name] [restricted] [starred] [trashed] [viewed] [lastmodifyingusername] [lastviewedbymedate] [modifieddate] [originalfilename] [quotaused] [shared] [writerscanshare] shows the current permissions of a file or folder owned or shared with a given user.The optional asadmin argument specifies that the super admin should use special access to manage a team drive which they do not normally have access to.