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She may feel offended by your attempts to buy her, and you could end up pushing her away with no recourse.

Tristan wilds and jessica stroup dating

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They’ve spent so many of their years working together and being in the spotlight and going through the original craze of ‘90210.’ They had this connection that I really stopped and just watched and I was really appreciative of and privy to.”“There’s this one scene where we’re actually at a hospital,” Stroup says. Just as one relationship might be ending for Silver, one is just beginning with Teddy (played by Trevor Donovan).In the beginning, fans were definitely weary of Teddy’s interest in Silver.

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In Sturgis, she volunteered for the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), hospital auxiliary, Chamber of Commerce, school library, and was a member of the First United Methodist Church.

After her high school graduation in 1940, she attended the University of Minnesota.

She lived in California from 1942-1945, working at Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach during WWII.

Lila and Bob, who was from Staten Island, NY, were married in Mexico in 1945.

Lila lived in Sturgis with her parents while Bob was overseas with the Navy Air Corps.

But I’m having a great time filming scenes.”Just because Teddy is in the picture doesn’t mean Silver’s love life gets any easier. Stroup says that Dixon (Tristan Wilds) will soon realize what he’s missing out on.

“You might see some guy fights over the girl,” Stroup says.

In the last several episodes, Silver, who has enough problems of her own, has moved in with Jackie to help her out during her illness.

That would be a heavy job for any daughter, but Silver also has to deal with her anger toward a mother who was never really there for her.“So there’s this pull of does she go and try to make the most of the time they have together? “Or does she listen to her sister and say, ‘You’ve treated me so badly in the past and we don’t have a relationship, so I just don’t care.’”Stroup says that even though she and her mother are close, that relationship helped her to understand what her character may be going through.

She and Bob moved to Staten Island in 1947, where they raised their two children.

The couple moved to Milford, NJ, in 1972, and then back to Sturgis in 1985, when Bob retired.