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When both people are up front about their expectations, there’s much less room for misunderstanding. Ashlee says she doesn’t want to talk about sex in the early stages of dating, and asking for her Snapchat “automatically makes me think you want to send or receive nudes.” Making general demands for pictures reads the same way and comes across as bossy.

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Since this is an embedded app, I could not measure the hardware usage. The Intel NUC5CPYH is a wonderful upgrade from Minix Z64 for a small budget dedicated HTPC.

What I can tell is the NUC never gets hot, or even warm, so it is certainly not stressed when decoding those movies.

Before models with Brasswell and Sky Lake chipsets however, I always considered it as a big investment because you would need to grab one with i3, i5, or i7 processors to be sure it would be able to handle all media formats.Plus you probably need to make some additional spending on Windows 8/10 for the operating system.That perception have now changed with the HEVC hardware accelerated encoding support in the newer chipset generations.They no longer support booting from (micro) SD card, as shared by one of the readers. For over a year, I had been using Minix Neo Z64 running Plex Home Theater as client to browse and play media library from my Plex Media Server on my TV.It had served its primary purpose well but I started to find some limitations from it: So the search was on to find a hardware that would be able to fill those gaps.It should load PMP and you can start using it immediately.Plex Media Player’s Audio Configuration Guide is a little bit vague in explaining how to enable HD audio passthrough.Primarily because of the price point, at less than 0 (barebone, no RAM, no drive) it was still quite an amazing price.While some people might doubt its processing power because it is still running on Celeron processor, but it’s already based on Braswell chipset and Braswell comes with HEVC hardware acceleration support.To save you the trouble of capturing each of the Button Name from the default NUC5CPYH profile, you can refer to my notes below from my Harmony One remote. The final step is to reflect the changes on your Harmony devices and activities settings.You probably want to change the labels on the screen buttons. Thanks to hardware acceleration available on Braswell and newer chipsets, the NUC handles all video format I have been throwing at it like a boss.