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Anyways, notice the irony of her statement, which although she said it jokingly, nonetheless hints to the point I’m trying to make in this article.
It launched in 1995 and is now available in 24 different countries.

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–hide– Our team reads every email, and we are happy to take a look at your poem.Unfortunately, due to the high number of emails we receive and because we are traveling constantly, we aren’t able to respond and give feedback on the poems we get.–hide– Unfortunately there isn’t a place where we post the text of our poems online. (You should check the Table of Contents online first to make sure it includes the poem you’re looking for.) We love that you are looking to spread spoken word!

If marijuana is an important part of your lifestyle, then you need to know that potential mates are on the same page!The quickest way to get that conversation started is by telling a teacher or administrator how excited you are about Project VOICE, and then having them take a look at our website and send us a message through our Book Us page. –hide– You absolutely have permission to perform any of our pieces as long as you cite authorship, and as long as it is for education or not-for-profit purposes.If you are looking for a transcript, please read the next question!We believe the magic of spoken word happens in the live act, so we encourage our audiences to put away their electronics and enjoy!We periodically put new footage of our work online, so you don’t have to worry about doing it.There may come a time when you find yourself in love with one of us, and when that time comes, these little nuggets of knowledge might just help you navigate the relationship. We know everyone loves it (if you don’t, there’s something definitely wrong with you), and we basically claim ownership for its existence, purely based on our birthdates. Because let’s face it: When you land a Libra zodiac sign, you’re going to want to hold on to her forever. And we pretty much go nuts for its duration every year. One holiday maker, Sanya, said she is more cautious about having sex when she is on holiday in Sierra Leone because she knows many who live there are less aware of contraceptives.In addition, she explains that, “there is a level of frivolity that comes with the men in Sierra Leone so you have to be very cautious”. At the moment, Project VOICE is not taking on any unsolicited new members or interns.But you can most definitely use poetry as a tool of service or education without being directly under the Project VOICE umbrella.