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It is a stable fracture and patients rarely show neurologic deficits.

- Burst: Similar to compression, except that the entire vertebra is evenly crushed.

The anterior column may be mildly affected, but the annulus fibrosis and anterior longitudinal ligament are intact, preventing dislocation or subluxation.

A gap between the spinous processes is often present upon palpation.

This TLCIS is the most effective classification system for the treatment of thoracolumbar fractures and it has a good reliability.

Failure of the anterior column of the spine due to compression forces, mainly into flexion.

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Neurologic injury and posterior column injury can occur more frequently.The axis of rotation is located within or in front of anterior vertebral body. The three-column spine and its significance in the classification of acute thoracolumbar spinal injuries. 1983;7-831 There are several classification systems. The most frequently used is the Denis classification, but this is based on the so-called middle column, which is anatomically unidentifiable.- Fracture-dislocation: Are found in combination with displacement of adjacent vertebrae. It is very unstable and can cause complete neurologic deficit. For this reason, the AO Group has developed a new classification system, which is based on the severity of the injury.Presence of one or more of the following criteria in a patient with blunt multi-trauma is an indication for thoracolumbar imaging (Sn=0.99): Clinical findings suspicious of new vertebral fracture, including back pain, back tenderness, a palpable step in vertebral palpation, midline bruising, neurological signs consistent with spinal cord injury The benefits of a surgical treatment of thoracolumbar fractures compared to a non-operative approach include avoiding an orthosis in the presence of multiple injuries, skin injuries, and obesity, immediate mobilization and earlier rehabilitation and better restoration of sagittal alignment.On the other hand, these benefits should be weighed against the possible surgical morbidity.They can be caused by a severe flexion force similar to that of a seat belt injury, or an object falling across the back.Rare, fatigue fracture of the upper thoracic spinous process.- Flexion-distraction (seatbelt injury/ Chance fracture): Involves the separation (distraction) of the fractured vertebra.It occurs by primary distractive forces on the spine.Failure of all three spinal columns under compression, flexion, rotation, or shear forces.The most unstable of all thoracolumbar spine injuries, they are highly associated with neurological deficits.