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Questions to ask a church when candidating

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The more preparation you do, the smoother your candidating experience will be.

Patience: The candidating process is likely to be long and time-consuming.

You won’t get a better opportunity to teach them about the nature of the gospel, what the church is, and what it really means to follow Jesus.

In this section, we review the process of candidating.

Having realistic expectations will help you to remain patient and Christ-oriented throughout the entire experience.

Record Keeping: Keep track of the churches with which you’ve been in contact as well as your answers to any questions they ask.

It is important to remember that this process is a two-way street.

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If church is a building you enter, then in most places in the Western world you're going to have plenty of options. Or if the church is just a meeting you attend, then many of us again are going to be spoiled for choice. It's not less than that, but it's so much more. It's an outpost of heaven, a light through which Christ shines and brings life.Answer the sample interview questions provided below.Have a sermon of yours recorded in both audio and video format in case the search committee requests it.To see just how and why the good news is such good news requires us to see how it shapes and defines all of life.So make sure the gospel is preached, prayed, sung, celebrated, taught, applied, lived, and loved—week in, week out, day in, day out, 24/7. By joining, I don't mean just going to a regular meeting once or twice a week.I don't even mean simply getting your name on the membership roll.The following steps will give you an idea of how churches go about hiring ordained staff (individual experience may vary): Pray: A theme throughout this handbook has been that prayer should be the foundation of any endeavor, no less so when you are journeying to find God’s will for your career.Be sure to request prayer from those close to you as well!Discipleship requires community, and community is normative for mission. After all, as a believer you are already a missionary, so see it as a gospel opportunity.Discuss the move with the church to which you already belong. Allow me to apply this point briefly to two controversial areas. Musical style has more to do with personal preference than with theological conviction.