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Many women journalists and bloggers in Uganda and Kenya report experiencing harassment on the Internet.
Ryan Seacrest is rebounding from his long-term relationship with Julianne Hough with model, Dominique Piek. I suppose this is called trading up although I doubt Piek can dance and star in such blockbusters as In Touch Weekly has the exclusive.

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Q’orianka also runs a production company which is committed to producing cause driven documentaries and youth programmes.For her performance in the movie , Q’orianka was awarded the National Board of Reviews best breakthrough performance of 2006 and also the Alma Award for Best Latin American Actress In a feature film 2006.Q'Orianka Kilcher cannot hide her instinctive emotional reactions to people or situations, and she does not make any pretenses about her personal sympathies or antipathies.

, Q’orianka appeared with several prominent names such as Natasha Bedingfield, Paul Mc Cartney, Fergie and Sean Paul in the song ‘Love Song to the Earth’, a project aimed at creating environmental awareness.

She is very sensitive, cautious, and shy about showing others her feelings.

Though she may love and care for someone a great deal, Q'Orianka Kilcher rarely expresses her feelings openly and freely.

She is assertive and confronts difficulties in a direct, no-nonsense sort of way.

Q'Orianka Kilcher cannot tolerate self-pity or passivity, and she can be rather brusque with others' emotional problems.

Q'Orianka Kilcher craves emotional stimulation, excitement, surprises and anything new. Although Q'Orianka Kilcher was portrayed above as being assertive and combative, she also has a diametrically opposed tendency - namely the urge to escape all contention and ugliness.

This may mellow Q'Orianka's fiery reactions somewhat, or she may seesaw between the two.

Her softer side is described in the following paragraphs.

The beauty and harmony of her surroundings have a very powerful effect on Kilcher's emotions.

Very often Kilcher's love for someone is expressed by her wish to help her, do something tangible to benefit her or serve her in some way.

It is also difficult for her to receive warmth, affection or appreciation, for she often feels that she does not really deserve it or that "they do not really mean it".