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Despite the number of attack vectors, available email is easily used by both the experienced and inexperienced hacker.

This is a massive majority considering the sheer amount of attack vectors available to hackers.

Hackers use such tactics as they are incredibly effective.

It involves understanding how hackers use emails to catch users off guard so they install malware.

Why would such tech savants waste their time on using emails to get their revenge against companies and governments?

While this stereotype is favored by Hollywood, the truth is that anybody with access to an internet connection has the potential at their fingertips to steal and become that little-understood creature known as a hacker.

Researchers at Verizon discovered in their 2017 Data Breach Investigation Report that 66% of all malware attacks analyzed for that period were installed via email.

These attacks can siphon valuable data from a corporation’s servers, demand a ransom for access to data, steal banking information, or deny users access to data.

Following these relatively simple steps will help prevent a large majority of malware infections.

Hackers compose their emails to be either enticing or to get your attention within a workplace environment.

The following more examples of how hackers will compose an email to trick you: Emails which appear to be a resume.

These emails are composed with the intention of getting the user to open an attachment.

Once this is understood malicious emails can be easily detected and dealt with.

The rest of the article is dedicated to doing exactly that.