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The executive power is shared by the President and the government.
She has produced numerous films, many of which she had a starring role in, including The Burning Plain (2008) and Dark Places (2015). In 2016, Time named her in the annual Time 100 most influential people list.

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Frank asks why they would do that when they could use the plane to escape the island, saying, "In case you haven't noticed, I'm a pilot." Sawyer meets up with Jack, Kate and Hurley and tells them Locke plans to destroy the island and how important it is to find Desmond before Locke and Ben do.

Jack tells him it doesn't matter who finds Desmond because they are all going to the same place anyway. Jack answers, "And then it ends." ♪♪ Locke's group and Jack's group meet.

Kate stops him and tries to reassure him that he hasn't ruined anything because "nothing is irreversible".

Hurley quips that their conversation would be sweet if they weren't all about to die. Ben approaches Sawyer from behind, points a cocked rifle at him, and invites him to join them.

Desmond agrees only after receiving Locke's word that he won't touch them, ever.

Scott Caldwell - Rose Nadler Nestor Carbonell - Richard Alpert Francois Chau - Pierre Chang Henry Ian Cusick - Desmond Hume Jeremy Davies - Daniel Faraday Emilie de Ravin - Claire Littleton Michael Emerson - Benjamin Linus Jeff Fahey - Frank Lapidus Fionnula Flanagan - Eloise Hawking Matthew Fox - Jack Shephard Jorge Garcia - Hugo "Hurley" Reyes Maggie Grace - Shannon Rutherford Josh Holloway - James "Sawyer" Ford Daniel Dae Kim - Jin-Soo Kwon Yunjin Kim - Sun-Hwa Paik Ken Leung - Miles Straume Evangeline Lilly - Kate Austen Rebecca Mader - Charlotte Lewis Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke Dominic Monaghan - Charlie Pace Terry O'Quinn - John Locke Zuleikha Robinson - Ilana Verdansky* Ian Somerhalder - Boone Carlyle John Terry - Christian Shephard Sonya Walger - Penelope Widmore Cynthia Watros - Elizabeth "Libby" Smith*Did not appear in the episode. Italy, Ireland, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and the United Kingdom showed the episode at the same time as in the West Coast of the USA.Locke notices the paw prints of a dog near the well.At Rose and Bernard's cabin, Vincent runs to Desmond and licks his face.Richard and Miles rush from the Barracks and ready an outrigger.Richard comments on the ominous storm clouds forming and Miles pauses to pluck a single gray hair from Richard's head.With Locke looking surprised at that revelation, Sawyer elbows Ben in the face, steals his rifle and leaves.After Locke makes no effort to go after him, Ben says he thought Locke was speaking figuratively when he said he was going to destroy the Island.Sawyer tells Locke he came to get Desmond out of the well, but when he looks down into the well he notes that they were both beaten to the punch.When Locke asks, Sawyer guesses that Locke wants Desmond so that he can destroy the Island."The End" is the 17th and final episode in Season 6 of Lost, the final episode of the series, and produced hours 120 & 121 (the second hour being extended) of the series as a whole. This meant an early morning broadcast in European countries.On the Island, Jack and the Man in Black play out their last moves as the survivors make their final choices, and the true nature of the flash sideways is revealed.