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They, too, had been tied to a car part using an unusual knot.
Angie believes that physicians should use their knowledge, skills, and social position to give back to a society that afforded them the opportunity to attend medical school.

Open ended questions online dating

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Your partner may say, “Nothing serious” or may say “A long-term relationship.” Or maybe he’ll be confused and reply that he’s not sure what he wants. It works even better if he seems to avoid talking to you in general. If that happens, be prepared to end the conversation permanently. In fact, having the guts to walk away may even challenge him to keep YOU talking and to avoid losing your interest. Here’s a weirder stat: According to Statistics Brain, couples that meet online get engaged just 18.5 months after meeting. And here’s a CRAZY stat: Couples who meet online and get married are only 1/3 as likely to get divorced in the first 10 years!

When these questions come out of nowhere or are wanting too much personal detail, the guy puts up a shield.

When in doubt just ask him what’s going on in the present rather than talking too much about the past (depressing!

Question, yourself -- only if re knowledge, open-ended.

Does he take good photos with his friends or family?

These are the compliments that will catch him off guard and not get the auto-reflex of “Thx”.

This is a bit of a drastic conversation starter, because it may make or break the emotional connection you have.

It’s a very honest thing to say and honesty seems to provoke more honesty.

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