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The preface of Volume I (A) will present in due form the history of the Assyrian Dictionary Project of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, and there proper credit will be given to the numerous scholars, living and dead, who have directed, participated in, and contributed in various ways to the undertaking.

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As she bent over, the crop-top billowed open, and inside, her two full breasts lolled under her chest. She moved to the other end of the couch and sat on her legs, pulling down on her shirt to make sure that she was covered. Even though it was late in the evening, she was still in her school uniform – a crisply pressed, white cotton shirt; a short, pleated, dark blue plaid skirt; stretchy, semi-sheer, white knee-high socks; and a pair of shiny, black, strap-and-buckle loafers. "She's got homework to do, and I don't want to have to be worrying about her getting into trouble or an accident or anything." My sister instructed me but glared at her daughter. I looked over at Mary-Kate, who gave me a little rolling-finger wave. Let's go." Leaning demurely against the wall, Mary-Kate watched the scene in silence. "We'll be back Saturday night," my sister yelled over her shoulder. At the taxi door, Sandra continued with her one-last-thoughts. I already put my bag in your parents' room." "Okay," she said and bounded out of the room, "I'm going to get ready for bed now." *** Wednesday: Bedtime *** Cute kid, that Mary-Kate. My lips sunk down into hers, which felt velvety soft. You see, now, that's when I should have left the room. As I think back, I can identify the exact point in time. Her lips deflated under my advance, and then they kissed back. She bit coyly on her lower lip and grinned with satisfaction as if she suddenly knew a secret about me.

My sister was flitting frantically about the house, while her husband dutifully took their luggage out to the taxi. To be honest, I really didn't understand my need to be there. But on the other hand, she did act very young for her age. *** Wednesday: Night *** I went back to the living room and tried to get my mind out of the gutter, but more than a few of the late shows were risqué enough to keep it there. Someone immune to the sight of her two slightly firm B-cups. Then she spoke to someone in the background, "I don't care. I turned off the TV and lights and went to my room to change. Over the soft flesh that skimmed deliciously under my fingers. I'll go to bed, and in the morning, I will be the very rock of moral rectitude. After tonight, when I became scrupulously righteous, I wouldn't need protection. Quietly and precisely, I pinched the hem of her top and dragged it up and over the little pink mass. Over the taut nipple that rasped along my knuckles. I placed the handset back on the cradle and slumped dejectedly into the couch. Given the current situation, I would have been smart to have brought some sweatpants to wear at night, but as it was, I would have to make due with boxers. Over the plump mound that squished as I pressed into it incidentally. My offer to help had been refused in order that I could listen to my sister's rambling but apparently important instructions. Here, let me just get you the number for reception." "Honey," her husband interrupted, "The taxi's waiting. He can figure it out." I watched my sister in detached amusement. It wasn't even her mother who had died; it was her mother-in-law. I was not very dutiful about visiting my family, so I hadn't paid much attention to Mary-Kate as she was growing up, but I wouldn't be surprised if my sister's overzealous parenting had caused the kid to mature more slowly than most. Immune to the full mounds that hung low on her chest before standing proudly out as perky lobes. "This is where we'll be staying," she said, thrusting a print-out at me. And it wasn't like the old woman was going anywhere. In fact, the few times that I had spoken to my niece, she did seem to have a naive perspective on life. Anyways, some time away from work wasn't going to hurt me, and I had figured out how to claim family leave for it. Immune to her puffy areoles rising as soft bumps on top of her breasts. Her large, dark eyes looked both calmly perceptive and casually submissive, and her high cheeks always seemed on the verge of pulling her mouth into a broad smile. As she shimmied her body into position, her top popped up over her breasts. I continued to flip through the channels, but nothing inspiring jumped out at me. The innocence of Mary-Kate's face was highlighted by her perky hair. She flipped her head up and down between the schedule and the TV. Sandra stared worriedly at us through her cab window, prompting Mary-Kate to smile and wave. As the taxi drove off down the street, Sandra lowered her window and stuck her head out. Besides, it's late, and you've got school tomorrow." Mary-Kate turned her lower lip into an exaggerated pout. Yet, I don't think that she will give me any real problems. "If I wear this, are you going to peek at something you're not supposed to, Unc? Her breasts jiggled dangerously under her light covering. Much to my dismay, I was getting firm and felt guilty about being aroused by my niece. On one wall, there was a dresser with a large oval mirror. By reflex, I kissed back and then realized what I was doing. "There's more meat in the downstair's freezer," she yelled, "And if ..." Suddenly, her head disappeared back into the car. " Mary-Kate called out, more to finalize the departure than to wish her farewell. "Oooo, you're such a meany, Unc," she said and then jumped off the couch. If I know my sister, she has drilled manners and morality into the poor kid for most of her young life. " "No, of course not." "If I wear this, are you going to do anything naughty to me that you're not supposed to? Extending a hand down to me, she said, "Come on." "Where are we going? Mary-Kate led me down the hallway and into her room. And everywhere, literally everywhere, there were dolls and stuffed animals.