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You might have been hassled by NCO even if you never got your student loan.In 2007, Jesse Kennedy of Lawrenceville, Georgia, briefly considered borrowing money to pay for auto repair school and filled out loan documents co-signed by his father.But according to complaints filed by the Federal Trade Commission and 19 state attorneys general, NCO also resorted to a practice that debt collectors have employed for centuries – instilling fear.

Soldiers with 18 or more years of active Federal service who exceed their RCP as result of a reduction in rank may serve to meet the minimum retirement eligibility unless involuntarily separated by the Secretary of the army or his designated representative.

As an ETP, the Retention Control Point (RCP) for Regular Army promotable Soldiers who are serving, or scheduled for training in, a balanced or shortage MOS, as announced on the current update to Reclassification In/Out Call MILPER Message, will be extended as follows: promotable Soldiers in the grade of E4 to 10 years active Federal service, and promotable Soldiers in the grade of E5 to 15 years active Federal service.

This ETP only applies to Soldiers who are otherwise fully eligible for retention (e.g., Soldiers with an Immediate Reenlistment Prohibition Code of 10, 11, or 9G).

In court, the trust contended that Kennedy and his father had deposited ,000 in loan proceeds in a Birmingham, Alabama, bank.

But as the Kennedys showed in court, neither Jesse nor his father had such an account, and after they filed documents charging fraud, the trust dropped the lawsuit.

Upon leaving a position which authorizes service beyond 30 years, NCOs who have not applied for retirement will be classified using special reporting code 09U (see note 4) 3. The ARNG AGR Title 10 Program has no "promotable" status; those RCPs are established at the "nonpromotable" grade. The RCP for Soldiers classified in reporting code 09U is 9 months from the effective date of classification.

According to complaints filed by the Federal Trade Commission and 19 state attorneys general, NCO Financial resorted to a practice that the student loan debt collection industry has employed for centuries – instilling fear.

He disputed the debt, but the ,000 loan showed up on his credit report, wrecking his credit score and making it impossible for him to secure a mortgage to buy a house.

Then he and his father were hit by a lawsuit filed by an entity they’d never heard of – National Collegiate Student Loan Trust – that claimed it owned his unpaid loan.

RCP Implementation Chart A phased roll-back mitigates the risk to individual Soldiers and other Army programs. Active service is defined as service on active duty. Command sergeants major (CSMs) and sergeants major (SGMs) (at Headquarters, Department of the Army and Army Commands) serving in nominative positions where the CSM/SGM is rated by a general officer, member of the Senior Executive Service or equivalent, or serving as CSM at the U. Army Sergeants Major Academy or as Executive Officer to the Sergeant Major of the Army are authorized to serve beyond 30 years total active service while serving in the position.

The Vice Chief of Staff of the Army must approve exceptions for operational reasons.