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Maskededitvalidator not validating

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Once associated with a validation group, server- and client-side validation can be performed and used to display messages.Let me give you a quick explanation of what this AJAX tool provides and does for us. NET AJAX extender that attaches to a Text Box control to restrict the kind of text that can be entered.However, when "Mask Type" is set to "Number", rather than "None" and I type in less than nine digits, when the textbox loses focus the rest of the spaces are filled in with zeros!

Masked Edit applies a mask to the input that permits only certain types of characters/text to be entered.After adding out Text Boxes we simple kept the ID of the Text Boxes the default names for the purpose of this tutorial. So Let begin by adding a quick description to our Textboxes to explain the type of Validation is going on.Now that we have our quick descriptions set, we can now start adding in our Extenders to the equation, or our handy Text Boxes.Mask Type – Type of validation to perform: None – No validation Number – Number validation Date – Date validation Time – Time validation Date Time – Date and time validation Mask Characters and Delimiters 9 – Only a numeric character L – Only a letter $ – Only a letter or a space C – Only a custom character (case sensitive) A – Only a letter or a custom character N – Only a numeric or custom character ?– Any character / – Date separator : – Time separator .Demo Page Masked Edit Validator is a custom validator that attaches to the Masked Edit extender and associates the Text Box and verifies that the input text matches the pattern specified in the Masked Edit extender. NET AJAX extender that attaches to the Text Box control to restrict what text that can be entered.I'd at least remove the Validation Expression because it's unnecessary.:) HTH, Rick Thanks for replying Rick, but unfortunately that didn't solve the problem either.Now simply use the smart tag to guide you through the process pictured below.Now you may do that for all of the Text Boxes present. Once you have finished adding all of the AJAX control Masked Edit Extender to your textboxes your code should be looking something close to this.