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I don't find that image difficult or burdensome," he told the hosts.Meanwhile, Ha Neul might soon return to television as Prince Wang Wook, as reports suggest that the Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo will return with season 2.[연예]영화 '청춘만화' 김하늘 권상우와 두번째 찰떡궁합 [스포츠코리아 20 ] (서울=포토로) “연기궁합이 딱딱 맞는 것 같아요.”김하늘이 권상우와의 찰떡 연기궁합을 맞춰 눈길을 끌고 있다.김하늘은 영화 ‘청춘만화'(이한 감독)에서 권상우와 다시 만났다.3년전 영화 ‘동갑내기 과외하기'에서 여대생 과외선생과 고등학생으로 처음 만났던 이들은 이번 영화에서는 우정과 사랑을 나누는 친구 사이로 만났다.김하늘은 배우 지망생 진달래 역으로, 권상우는 액션배우를 꿈꾸는 태권도 전공학생 이지환 역을 맡았다.두 사람은 이 영화에서 강한 액션속에 코믹과 로맨스, 판타지 등 다양한 분위기를 영화에서 보여준다.연기자로선 대선배격인 김하늘은 권상우와 함께 촬영을 하면서 “3년전과 비교하면 너무 많이 성장한 멋진 상대 배역”이라고 칭찬을 아끼지 않는다는 후문이다. credits to they're so cute together in both movies. I love her in all her dramas that i've watched, "Secrets", "Romance", "Piano", and "Stain Glass" I also love her movie, "Too beautiful too lie" she's extreamly funny. im really surprised to hear that KSW and KHN got together well they make a lovely couple. i love their movie "my tutor friend" especially their facial expressions.(홍헌영/ * Name: 김하늘 / Kim Ha-neul * Nickname: Olive * Profession: Actress, Model * Date of birth: 1978 February 21 * Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea * Height: 167cm * Weight: 45kg * Blood type: B * Family: parents, younger brother * Education: Seoul Art College, Department of Film Art * Religion: Roman Catholic * Hobbies: Listening to music, travelling * Ha-neul means 'sky' in Korean. TV Series * Stained Glass (SBS, 2004) * Romance (MBC, 2002) * Piano (SBS, 2002) * Secret (MBC, 2001) * The Sky Love (MBC, 2001) * Ghost (SBS, 1999) * Into the Sunlight (MBC, 1999) * Happy Together (SBS, 1999) Movies * Almost Love / 청춘만화 / Youth Comic / Chongchun Manhwa (2006) * Dead Friend / 령 / Ghost / Ryeong (2004) * Don't Believe in Her / 그녀를 믿지 마세요 / Never Trust Her / Too Beautiful To Lie (2004) * Ice Rain / 빙우 / Ice Shower / 氷雨 / Bingwoo (2004) * My Tutor Friend / 동갑내기 과외하기 / An Extra Class / Donggabnaegi gwawoehagi (2003) * Ditto / 동감 (2000) * Doctor K / 닥터K (1999) * Bye Jun / 바이 준 (1998) Official website : to Kim Ha Neul Gallery Edited by francesca, 19 June 2006 - PM. I think she is a good actress and i really hate her little sister in there. I am just mad they didn't get to kiss, If they have kids that'd be some hot looking kids. best wishes to them, and i do hope they do end up married. KHN is such a versatile actress with a simple look. =) i really like her because she's very pretty and has a baby face...South Korean actress Kim Ha-neul, 37, is reportedly dating a businessman one year her junior, according to local media.Agency SM C&C told Yonhap Wednesday that the pair met through a friend and have been together for a year.

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then I saw her on the best movie I've ever office movie titled "My Tutor Friend" with Kwon Sang Woo.... The PD and the script writer of this drama are the duo Shin Woo Chul and Kim Eun Sook (신우철, 김은숙) who have collaborated on "Lovers in Paris" and "Lovers in Prague", and this drama is the third drama of the "Lovers" series.

Several reports even hinted that the makers will start shooting the second season from January 2017, but there has been no official announcement regarding the same.

The 1st time I saw Ha Neul was on her K-Drama titled "Secret" with actor Kim Min Jong. I think Kim Ha Neul & Lee Dong Gun is perfect couple in that series.... her face look like a kind, polite & soft person.... Kim Ha Neul already played a bad character in Dead Friend.

"I'm close with Kim So-Eun, with whom I filmed the movie 'Mourning Grave,' but we're just close university friends.

We've never dated." "There's a girl among my female friends who has the nickname 'Cheetah.' I thanked my friend for something on Instagram but then I became involved in a dating rumour with the singer Cheetah.

This mellow movie portrays a man and a woman's love story developed during 24 hours in Pusan after an accident occurred on Korea Train Express. KHN plays the role Oh Hee Joo (오희주) who is a columnist of a publisher and has nice and precise personality. Among her works, I've only seen My Tutor Friend.

In KHN's previous movies, she played sensible characters in “Ice Rain” and “Ditto” as well as comical roles in “My Tutor Friend” and “Too Beautiful To Lie”. Despite the light acting and simple storyline, I was able to get a glimpse of what she had to offer, and I must say I was quite impressed.

Overall, she looked like she was having fun being silly and all. Kim Ha Neul as Che Young Directed by Choi Ho Cast: Kim Ha Neul, Yoo Ji Tae, Ha Rang Release Date: March 28, 1998 Running Time: 98 minutes Summary: Do-Ki (Yoo Ji Tae) and Che-Young (Kim Ha Neul) who become 21 years old with wounds of 19 years old.

Burying their idol Jun in their hearts, Che-Young and Do-Ki maintain painful youth upon their body temperature each other.

Kang Ha Neul, the prince of SBS' Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, recently addressed his dating rumours after he was romantically linked with Kim So-Eun.

Also Read: Goblin actor Gong Yoo and Park Shin Hye to work with Lee Min Ho in City Hunter Season 2 Ha Neul was the guest celebrity on the 19-rated tv N talk show Life Bar.