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Jay Kenneth Johnson was born in Springfield, Missouri on February 24, 1977 to parents Janice and Ken Johnson.

Williams in the The WB's, Charmed, season 8 episode "The Lost Picture Show".

TV SOAP: But was it odd to you that Phillip and Chloe were paired together?

NADIA: When I came back this time, it was all new management and producers here, and Jay had been gone awhile.

NADIA: I think there were a series of scripts, where Jay and I noticed that our characters would kind of go, “Well, this isn’t working out”. But, then it turns out that Victor, who had never liked Chloe, had concocted this plan to make her look bad in front of Phillip and everybody else. And later, seeing Phillip was not all quite there, I think Chloe’s self-esteem was so low that at this point, that she was trying to play people against each other. NADIA: I think there is a little bit of a vindictive manipulative side now to her.

But its written like I have an agenda, but the problem is they write me with an agenda, but I don’t know what that agenda is, or why I am acting the way I am acting, so I am just creating these truths to myself. I hope they write more stuff for us because Ariane Zuker (Nicole) and I are such good friends. We laugh so hard because it’s so hard for us to be mean for each other. When we are out and there are fans around and they are like, “Wait a minute.”(She laughs) I don’t know how to explain our transition since then. I don’t know where it’s going, and I was reading scenes last week, and I had scenes last year with Shawn saying, “I can’t wait to have babies’ and this coming week, I tape a scene with Ali Sweeney ( Sami) where I am holding her baby, and I go, “Yuck! Sometimes, it’s hard to justify what you are saying, but that’s my job to make it work.

People just called me ‘fag,’ they called me ‘gay’ as early as third grade, and I had no clue,” he explains.

“When you've been subjected to that kind of hatred, that kind of bullying, when you see it around you, you want to stop it as much as possible. I'm fighting against it.” With this in mind, he has been politically outspoken and active.

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“I hired representation that was essentially putting me back in the closet for fear that I would be put in a box as gay, even though, at that time, all of the roles in my career had been straight roles.” The pressure to be professionally closeted took its toll on Armstrong, as he wasn’t able to authentically be himself.

Then they decided to not write us in scripts together anymore.

TV SOAP: Why do you think they just stopped the pairing?

“That is a compliment, I guess, to a certain extent, but it's nice to play the gay roles too.” First and foremost, playing openly gay Will Olsen on ABC’s allows Armstrong to be a mouthpiece for a very important message. You can be gay and do that,” says Armstrong of the character’s importance on TV and in culture.

Also, it is rewarding to Armstrong because the character hasn’t devolved into a gay stereotype.

“The second that I started being vocal about being gay, that's when it [his career] really started taking off for me,” he adds.

“That's where I am now—really embracing homosexuality, being an advocate for the LGBTQ youth—and while it's hard because there's still so much opposition, it's only made me stronger as an actor and stronger as a person.” Armstrong was raised in Texas, and the survival skills he employed in the conservative state have helped him become the versatile actor he is today.

He left for several years, during which he appeared on shows such as North Shore, but returned to daytime 2006.

Jay is also known for appearances on primetime shows such as Scrubs, CSI: Miami, Charmed and The O.

“I've been so vocal against the incoming administration for all rights, not just for gay rights, not just for black rights, not just for women's rights, for everyone,” he says.

"It just feels right," says Hennig of why she's taking off after four years.