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We don’t want to accrue wealth over time by correctly saving and investing. So instead we do things like spend our life savings on lottery tickets in the hopes of winning big.

It’s effective because if offers your prospect a powerful guarantee: What they’re about to read is going to teach them something.Here’s a great example from Salesforce: Not only does this email offer you an opportunity to learn something, but it takes advantage of a few other psychological principles that we’ll touch on next.It’s not just the words “How to” that make the email subject line from Salesforce above so clickable, but the appeal to our inherent self-interest.In fact, looking at recent open rate data from Mail Chimp, you might think people don’t want to see your emails at all.In most industries, around 1 in 5 (20%) people who get a business email will open it, with some companies seeing open rates as low as 14%.Compared to the former high achiever, “What’s your opinion here [first name]?”, it generated over 100% more opens and 228.5% more clicks at a 99% level of significance. What makes the average person, whose inbox gets stuffed with 147 messages per day, choose to open one email and ignore another?It’s these things that motivate us to open some of the emails you’ll see below, like Grammarly Insights’ weekly progress report email, which helps users of the service improve their writing.Some more self-interest headlines: The self-interest “how to” headline has been around since the early days of modern advertising.So how do you convince the other 4 out of 5 to read your email? Some say you shouldn’t start your email subject line with “How to.” Others disagree, adding that funny, mysterious, and one-word lines get opens.While we found a variety of advice on getting your marketing messages read, there were several that appeared over and over again on industry blogs.