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The bank was constructed with two separate vaults, one in the basement and the other on the ground floor.
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As mentioned before, if you rebuild all your indexes then all the index statistics will also be updated by scanning all the rows on the table.Then you just need to update your column statistics by running an UPDATE STATISTICS WITH FULLSCAN, COLUMNS statement.I had many people ask why statistics did not update immediately after the bulk load of the 25,000 rows completed, so I want to step through the demo that I did at Summit to clarify when an automatic update will occur.The Setup Start with a copy of the USE [Adventure Works2012]; GO SELECT * INTO [Sales].[Test Sales Order Detail] FROM [Sales].[Sales Order Detail]; GO CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX [PK_Sales Order Detail_Sales Order ID_Sales Order Detail ID] ON [Sales].[Test Sales Order Detail] ([Sales Order ID], [Sales Order Detail ID]); GO CREATE UNIQUE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [AK_Test Sales Order Detail_rowguid] ON [Sales].[Test Sales Order Detail] ([rowguid]); GO CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [IX_Test Sales Order Detail_Product ID] ON [Sales].[Test Sales Order Detail] ([Product ID]); GO SELECT OBJECT_NAME([sp].[object_id]) AS "Table", [sp].[stats_id] AS "Statistic ID", [s].[name] AS "Statistic", [sp].[last_updated] AS "Last Updated", [sp].[rows], [sp].[rows_sampled], [sp].[unfiltered_rows], [sp].[modification_counter] AS "Modifications" FROM [sys].[stats] AS [s] OUTER APPLY sys.dm_db_stats_properties ([s].[object_id],[s].[stats_id]) AS [sp] WHERE [s].[object_id] = OBJECT_ID(N'Sales.Invalidating Statistics For my demo I want to bulk insert enough rows to invalidate the statistics.

The simplest scenario is if you want to rebuild all the indexes and update all the statistics.Run the next statement to update the column statistics only.You can validate that only the column statistics were updated by looking at the update_date column which uses the STATS_DATE function to display the last date the statistics were updated.One of the questions I was asked recently while speaking at the Los Angeles SQL Server Professionals Group and the Orange County SQL Server User Group (*) was regarding the order in which jobs like rebuilding indexes or updating statistics should be executed as part of the database maintenance activities.In general you should consider the following important points, focusing in the fact that there are two kinds of statistics: index and column statistics.Using the INDEX option will update index statistics only.2) By default, the UPDATE STATISTICS statement uses only a sample of records of the table.Let me show you how these commands work with some examples using the Adventure Works database. Sales Order Detail Use the previous sys.stats query to verify that two statistics objects were created, one for the Sales Order ID column and another one for the Order Qty column (they both have names starting with _WA_Sys as shown later).Run the following statement to create an index on the Product ID column.4) Reorganizing an index, for example using the ALTER INDEX …REORGANIZE statement, does not update any statistics.