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My first interaction with this girl was through the cell phone, or text messages to be more precise. The next day, accompanied by this Arif guy, we went to pick Maheen and her friend up from college. We waited for around 25 minutes outside her college, when two girls appeared from nowhere wearing burqas. They sat in our car and took their burqas off, and I was introduced to Maheen, and another lady. As we stepped out at a restaurant, Maheen’s phone rang and I saw her going pale as she talked on the phone. On the way, Maheen kept crying and pushed me to drive faster and faster.After this introduction, we didn’t talk till one fine day in the middle of the night my phone rang. As I approached the college gate, Maheen sent me a missed call. I got so worried to see her crying so bitterly, I ended up breaking a signal. A traffic cop in appeared from nowhere and asked for my driving license. I gave some money to Maheen and she headed back to college in a rickshaw, and then I called my cousins to help me with the cops. ” I kept sitting silent for a long time, and then asked my cousin who I should take with me to give company to the girl’s chaperon/friend?Even as the Indian government "bans" pornography, an increasing number of women in the country are watching explicit erotica.The kind of erotic material they view, and what they want to, will surprise many.From bondage to romantic-couple porn, the range is wide and wild.Recent stats released by an adult website Porn Hub show that 30% of the Indian visitors on their site are women, 6% higher than the global average of women visitors.In its "Digging Deep" report, the website claims to be "decoding what women want." Its grand findings?

okay, I will manage.” I said, feeling simultaneously amused and confused. I will see you tomorrow then, and yes, do get me a Ufone card because I am running out of balance. He ‘arranged’ for another friend of his, Arif who was ‘very popular’ among the females in his college.Indian filmmaker Bishaka Datta has been attempting to start a "rating" system for websites that host adult videos.The idea would be to rate them on whether the videos are filmed, produced and uploaded ethically.Another 28-year-old project manager from Bangalore elaborated, "Most porn movies try to cover a checklist of sexual positions rather than stressing on showing two people enjoying sex.There should be more concentration on portraying sex as an enjoyable activity, rather than something accidental."And while all women say they hardly ever watch erotica for entertainment, many wonder if they would not do so more if there were balance between how men and women are portrayed in such films.Many young women confessed to paying attention to portions of the video to do with "pleasuring men" even though those acts did not seem pleasurable to them to perform.They do so because "while growing up, porn worked like an educational primer," and the depictions of sex all-around them offer no other option but the pleasure of men."It pretty much works like this: Forcing themselves on a woman turns on men.But, the analytics cannot tell you, as these women told us, that it's not girl-on-girl or humiliation action that they're searching for, but for visceral, non-plastic renders of decidedly intimate acts.Women want sex portrayed as a pleasurable endeavour for both genders where both parties are engaged."Quality more than quantity," as a Literature graduate from Delhi said it.New York Law School professor Nadine Strossen had in 1995 written that "freedom of speech consistently has been the strongest weapon for countering misogynistic discrimination and violence, and freedom of sexually-oriented expression is integrally connected with women's freedom."The candidness and lack of self-consciousness of many of the women HT interviewed could be indicative of a new way to see sexual desire and gender norms.Many women said they preferred to watch erotica by themselves. As much as they access adult content, a lot of women confessed, it can get "disgusting" to have to see women treated like "they’re stupid or a joke," as a entrepreneur from Delhi said it."There is a lot of violence against women in the sense that they are treated as less than equal in some," an entrepreneur explained.