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I have even got a treasure trove of masks and lots of other accessories including whips, chains, handcuffs, horny sex toys and lots more!

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I said ok, then she said I would have to fill out and sign some more paperwork, I said ok.

Here is the problem, I had my interview January 22, 2018 and I still have not received any paperwork to fill out and sign. She was the one who told me she would send me the paperwork I need to fill out and sign, but never did.

She lies all of the time, never wants to work her full shift, leaves early but manipulates her time in the computer.The company began their e Commerce site and began seasonal mail order catalogs in 2006. Their second division, which sells scented products such as candles for the home, has been renamed White Barn Candle Company. Tagged as: Bath and Body Works address, Bath and Body Works complaint desk, Bath and Body Works complaints, Bath and Body Works corporate address, Bath and Body Works corporate office headquarters, Bath and Body Works customer complaints, Bath and Body Works headquarters, Bath and Body Works home office, Bath and Body Works main office, Bath and Body Works office address, Bath and Body Works office email, Bath and Body Works office fax, Bath and Body Works office phone, Bath and Body Works office phone number The Manager at Store# 245 Peru, Illinois is a horrible human being.Bath and Body Works has the second highest revenue of any other L Brand company, second only to Victoria Secret. Bath and Body Works has more than 1,665 locations in the US and several more in Canada, Chile, and Kuwait. She goes out of her way to pick on and belittle certain employees.And these are the type of people that Bath and Body work have working and managing their stores. Reply Be careful Bath & Bodyworks…i’m hearing lots of complaints regarding the quality of your products. Your prices have gone up and your not fooling us wirh your numerous coupons and sales. I’ve shopped u for years and hope to continue but ultimately will jump ship for better quality and reasonable prices.Just a heads up….i’d like to see you around for awhile longer!!So she calls Jennifer back up and Jennifer returns the items and put it on a merchandise card which was right but she takes a piece of register paper and writes my name and address down.I ask her why was she writing my personal information down and she says in a very nasty tone if you work for BBW you would know we put the information in the system.I tell her it ask for my information (first & last name) is only required and you put it in the system at the end before a receipt is printed not write it on paper so what she was doing with my information.I tell her to give me the paper with my personal information on it and she says here I got your information memorize anyways.My sister had given me the items from the thanksgiving tote to return but she didn’t give me the tote its self.Karen the cashier calls her manager on duty (Jennifer) over she says that I couldn’t return the items without the bag.