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So I then requested a record from her of my attendance & she basically stated that HR is aware of what happen & she told me to stop calling her & messenging her. The day before her letting me go I asked her if I needed a couple of days off due to my son having major surgery at the end of May, when should I submit it & then the next day she let’s me go using my personal issues & attendance as a reason which was lies & discrimination.

Dating outside your economic class

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If you are a girl and going to get married to a guy from lower economy background, beware! He will do his best, but you can't always expect him to satisfy all your needs.

Your definition of need and his definition of need would be different.

Unlike social capital, which involves relationships—think a family friend who can help arrange a job at a prestigious law firm—cultural capital involves being familiar with tastes, preferences, and behaviors that are normative in a given setting.

It’d mean knowing that at that law firm, it’s important to show a preference for scotch over moonshine and Cuban cigars over chewing tobacco.

And even when they do, blacks from working-class families may find that even with the well-meaning suggestions of their middle-class black spouses, cultural capital may not be enough to surmount the well-documented racial barriers to advancement in professional jobs.

Blacks, for instance, are scarce in managerial jobs and in the middle class, and thus may be less likely to find themselves in cross-class marriages.Plus, I felt like I was always in a losing competition with everyone else she knew.I wear mostly clothes from Target and Forever While there are 5.But Streib finds that while working-class partners may have appreciated their middle-class spouses’ advice, they usually only followed it in times of crisis.According to Streib, this illustrates the difficulty of transferring cultural capital.She finds that people who were raised middle-class are often very diligent about planning their career advancement.They map out long-term plans, meet with mentors, and take specific steps to try to control their career trajectories.It can also offer insights into the barriers that exist for workers who don’t fit into these categories.Her mom and dad love me, they have taken me on family vacations for years now.I am not going to talk about social class, because it is just matter of difference in rituals, everyone feel that their ritual is great and more meaningful than others.If you are a guy and going to get married to a girl from lower economy background, congrats to you.