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Dating old photos hats

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Things such as ribbon and bow style, liner type, and the logos of the hat companies imprinted thereupon–as companies changed their logos as the decades moved onward–all these things must be taken together with these thoughts on sweatbands to help date your hat.So, without further ado, here are some general ideas on sweatbands.You see, many hats have silk-like liners inside and early in the 1950’s (like ’52 or so) the hat industry started adding clear plastic to the very top of the liner where the pate of the head would sit inside the hat.The idea was to keep the company’s logo printed there to remain in a nice, viewable condition and to prevent all the hair goop that men wore at the time from damaging the hat manufacturer’s brand name stamp.All the fancy finishing of the leather was just too time consuming for a bottom line manufacturing process.But the good news for those wanting to date an older fedora is that all this cost cutting means that prior to 1940 sweatbands were usually manufactured as a fine leather product whereas their 40s and later counterparts were far simpler. One general rule is that previous to 1940 the outer, finished or tanned sides (the visible side) of a fedora sweatband was often very nicely textured in some way.

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That’s quite a long time to keep a common item that customers bought everyday at the same price.Stetson Quality Designations, Just What Do Those Xs Mean, Anyway?Everyone wants to know what the heck Stetson means by those “genuine” Xs. Dating Stetsons by Company Crests, Stetson Logos and Hat Liners Because the Stetson logo changed only a finite number of times, here you’ll find yet another way to help date your Stetson.One of the things that happened to the hat industry is that as production costs rose, hat prices didn’t rise nearly so much.By the 1940s a nice, everyday hat cost a customer between seven and twelve dollars (real cheapos though, could be from .50 to ).So, you can be sure to find a hat made in our era of consideration that does not perfectly fit these criteria. Again, remember, these are general thoughts meant only to act as a starting point to help identify the age of a fedora.There are many other things that you need to take into account as you date your hat.-By Warner Todd Huston There are several things about the inside of a fedora that can help determine when it was made.For instance, leather sweatbands, that strap of leather inside a hat just where the forehead sits — meant to help keep a hat on the wearer’s head — can often be used to help date an earlier fedora because after the 1940s, sweatbands went through some radical changes all due to hat makers getting cheap on this generally unseen part of the hat.Now, before I get to the observations, be warned that these are general rules.Hats were made by millions of people across the world, worn by millions more, and sold in the millions over the era that we are talking about here.