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Meanwhile, I had a completely different thought: Hey, what about me?

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I’ll be getting into his skin care routine later but I’ll state here that genetics is a key factor when it comes to youthfulness.

I’ve studied this blue eyed actor for some time now and looked at some of the details of his past.

In 2001 at the age of 23, Zano moved to Los Angeles to throw his hat into the world of acting.

To make ends meet, he worked at Kenneth Cole as a shoe salesman.

Men who have Mediterranean backgrounds usually have oily skin.

While this can often be a negative in terms of acne, it can be a net positive on the anti-wrinkle front.

Scott Eastwood and Christopher “Captain Kirk” Pine.

in 2009 that he enjoys being in front of the camera as an actor and behind the camera as a director.

Later in life, he transplanted to the West coast – near the Pacific Ocean – with plenty of photographic evidence to suggest he enjoys the blue water encompassing the California coast.

In this way, he is similar to his fellow blue eyed celebrities, Mr.

Going by the public record, it also sounds like he spent a lot of time in detention.

That time, however, would not go to waste as Zano used it as an opportunity to write short films.