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I am only speaking from experience my daughter, found herself pregnant at 14 and although it brought us closer together emotionally, it was not a pleasant experience.
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My role after those events was to provide her physical care, and emotional support, before returning her home to her unknowing husband. It was a small gathering of about 5 black guys, 3 white women and 2 black women.Needless to say, my wife is a knockout and was approached immediately by all of the guys.Soon they went to the basement and we could soon here fucking and moaning.The host asked if we wanted to watch as long as no pics.There was an end of year “Round-Up” that was timed to coincide with another nationwide circuit party, which is pretty well known, the “White Party.”I participated with Marie in the Snow Bunny Round-Up / White Party circuit for three years.Most of the events were held at downtown hotels, although there were three I recall that were held in private homes in a couple of exclusive, gated communities.

After these events she would be an emotional wreck, filled with self-loathing, while at the same time off-the-chart horny and lust filled.My wife stripped and I fucked her on a couch nearby. He must of fucked his couples wife for an hour or more and before we left I saw her going back downstairs with the third black guy. Damn, I would love to take Carol to a BCC white couple cuckolding party.She would have so much fun sucking and fucking and me too watching. During one conversation he asked if we would like to go to a party that a friend of his has once in a while.My wife was curious and finally agreed to go but no commitment to fuck him or anyone she hasn’t met.Marie would enter sort of a fugue state, a little sexy maniac, gorged with cock and cum until she was physically exhausted, limp, and nearly catatonic.My role after those events was to provide her physical care, and emotional support, before returning her home to her unknowing husband.While this response has nothing to do with my wife, I had a long-term affair partner, Marie, that fetishized black men, specifically group encounters/gang-bangs with black men.I arranged a gang-bang event for Marie, and after the fact, found out about her fetish and craving.Normally single guys weren't allowed, but they'd have these special nights for couples who enjoyed this.They were very popular nights and it was hot to watch all the white wives being serviced while the husbands watched.