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Verdict: One of the most effective – and convenient – dating apps out there. Cons: It's all a little too close to home: what's to stop her feeding your dating tekkers back to your pal?

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Gwen anxiously climbed the stairs to the apartment she shared with her room mate, Anna,who had promised her a big surprise when she got home from work.

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Drake, as the old one had been leaking like a sieve and must have cost a fortune to run.On this Wednesday it seemed that it was packed tighter than normal, and Terri was pressed between a well dressed business man and a mid forties woman who smelled of Chanel No. As long as Patrick could remember he had the power, well at least as far back as eight years old anyway.For about eighteen years now, with no real rhyme or reason, Patrick has somehow acquired the power to put people into deep hypnotic trances.For Live Gay Video Chat, go to our new site, the #1 gay chat community on the net!For the times when this room gets too busy, take a break. Simply enter your nickname and connect to the chatroom instantly. Gays, lesbians and bisexuals from all over the world ready to connect live.Here he was, 33 years old, good job, married to a beautiful woman, two small children, a whole lot to lose, and he could throw it all away because he was thinking with his dick! He’d heard the stories of meetings of this type going disastrously wrong, with some even ending up in murder!Just because most of the victims were women didn’t make him feel a whole lot better!“ Not to bad,” thought Jake, as he went back into the house. Drake took the bill and looked it over for what seemed to be a very long time. What in the hell had gotten into him, was he out of his mind?!?Meeting a woman in person he has been having an on line relationship with--totally nuts!