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Programs like m IRC will not work with unknown / commands (which is why you use a period.) in the dialogue box.

KVIRC can be configured to join Channels automatically as well.

(There are other clients, but Riot is the most complete one.) Riot offers the option to create a new “room” (akin to IRC channel), and also new ”communities”, which may be used to group rooms and users together.

Users should be able to join your room via a link, or by searching for it.

So I’m wondering if there already is any such chat channel (e.g. Or if not, if the staff have considered creating one (that’s open to the public)?

Meanwhile those who prioritize maximizing their engagement may be pushed to run non-libre software, which they otherwise wouldn’t run, in order to do so.

This is a significant issue which ought to be prevented, especially in pro-libre communities with an ethical mission, such as Mozilla. However, those may be limited, as I’m only a casual user of Matrix.

More generally, I’m not the type that thinks we should use Free-and-Open-Source for absolutely everything. IRC will also stay around, and you can find me there. It is a libre, federated protocol, which can be used with a libre client, such as Riot.

Sometimes, it’s worth the time and/or money to use proprietary tools if it’s the right tool for the job (see Joel Spolsky’s 9th step on 12 steps to better code). But if it’s free and easy to join, and our community likes it, then I won’t stand in the way. You can make a room there and even bridge it over to the Slack (and IRC) channel.

Since the mufhd0 network is managed together with ECN and Indivia, should the A/I servers have problems you can connect to these other servers.

If you have any problems or questions about our IRC service and/or about the possibility of linking other servers, write to: [email protected]

That said, if you have reservations about those tools, or just not the time to set up a channel/group/team for CV on one of them, IRC is totally fine (for now ). channel I mentioned above is still in existence, I hang out there, and occasionally we have conversations there too.

But for better or worse, Slack is something people are familiar with, and indeed we have an order of magnitude more engagement there than IRC.

You can set up an account on Matrix by registering with a server, or hosting your own.

I’ve done the former by registering via the web-based Riot client, at the server .