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This is shown through out the anime series and was focused greatly in the Light novels.

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During the Middle Bronze Age (1700-1350 BCE) human settlements became more and more permanent and populous, and the communities settled on a territory, dedicating themselves to the manufacture and distribution of metal artifacts.

The most common form of dwelling was the hut - circular or oval in shape.

It may have also had a body that has since decomposed.

The Bronze Age in Sicily, considered one of the most important periods of the island's prehistory, witnessed the establishment of a unitary and in some ways artistically vibrant culture.

Nonetheless, some smelting technology had been in use in the Old World much earlier, dating back as much as 6,000 to 8,000 years ago with tin and lead, followed by bronze and copper a few thousand years later.

A chemical strategy,” concludes that iron samples dating from the Bronze Age are meteoritic; in other words, they come from meteors that were present on Earth in ancient times, having traveled here from outer space.The three main phases of the period take their name from the most important centres at the time in question: Castelluccio (Early Bronze Age), Thapsos (Middle Bronze Age) and Pantalica (Late Bronze Age).There was a marked increase in cultural and commercial trade between regions near and far, particularly with Cornwall, across the Atlantic coasts of France, Spain, Sardinia, the Tyrrhenian coast to the Strait of Messina, and from here to the Aegean-Anatolian area.Examination of the organization of the tomb areas found in the European necropoles of this era shows that societies began to evolve different classes within them.For instance, singular tombs were used for eminent figures whilst small groups of monumental tombs were employed as the eternal home of important families.The usage of bronze (2300-1750 BCE), a resistant metal alloy which is easily malleable, permitted the manufacture of a wide range of metal tools such as razors, axes, and blades, that provided for improved living standards of tribes (consisting of 20-30 people) which, in turn, contributed to population growth.These bronze items brought the dawn of mobile and unalterable wealth.The latter of these, gold, had been the only metal to occur in large quantities with regularity in nature, though obviously, under some circumstances the other six were also found in what would have been considered productive amounts.Smelting processes as we know them today would have come into use primarily around 1200 BC, which marked the beginning of the Iron Age.Finally, the Iron Age saw more advanced smelting processes which, as the name entails, allowed the widespread use of iron.However, for some time there has been question over the appearance of iron artifacts that clearly dated to the Bronze Age period, and hence the question, were there attempts at smelting iron that occurred in earlier times?