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This includes "outing" your fellow chatters, as well as stalking them in their real life.
Creditors' voluntary winding up If the company is not able to meet its liabilities, the company can convene a meeting with its creditors to consider its proposal for a voluntary winding up of the company.

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And I was so hoping to get out of this week without learning anything.Tags: Comcast Fi OS DSL Our financial sector is in near-meltdown.If the sculptor had any balls, he'd create 'Naked Chocolate Mohammad.' And then go into hiding.I can't believe I forgot that yesterday was International Eat An Animal For PETA Day!And don't forget - it counts double if it's a cute animal.I think I'll have filet of panda with a nice tuna-free dolphin salad.

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Then Bud Select (which happens to be my weak-ass mass-market American piss-water of choice, when I'm in the mood to drink weak-ass mass-market American piss-water).Tags: In The Name Of The King Jason Statham Ray Liotta John Rhys-Davies On the bulletin board in the break area at work, there's a flyer for an OCD support group. The first thing I thought of when I saw that was ".again at , and again at , and again and again and again until we get it juuuuuuuust right." Japanese robotics expert Hiroshi Ishiguro has unveiled a robot doppelganger of himself.Germinoid is a humanoid robot designed in his creator's image, down to the tiniest of details."It's not just the ugliness of the portrayal, but the timing - to choose Holy Week is astounding. Donohue blows a gasket (which he apparently does quite often); me, I just shrug.Of course, Christians are easy targets here - Piss Christ, elephant dung Mary, whatever - people complain, and a few mentally unstable people make death threats, but most people react like I do. I wondered how it was possible to have anything resembling a flavor in a 55-calorie beer (and here's where the crunchy beer snobs interject that 'there isn't any flavor at all in Bud et. Then Miller upped the ante, so to speak, by cutting 30-some calories below Select with its MGD64. We'll see your 30-some and raise, err, lower you 9" and introduced Select 55.It sits on a chair and gazes around the room in a very human-like fashion, just like its creator.There's some sloppy writing for you - the implication of the last sentence is that Ishiguro gazes around the room in a very human-like fashion. I saw this picture: And immediately thought of this guy: And I don't know which scares me more.California just enacted a new law requiring that people who use cell phones while driving also use hands-free devices. Under What Circumstances Would I See It Again: Probably none.I wonder what happened to the accident rate last week, since all these people are now distracted by fiddling with brand-new (and unfamiliar) hands-free devices. I might rent the DVD if the director's cut has nekkid scenes.