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Backdating a project

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Now the project manager has to figure out how to deliver this. There are a few key ingredients needed to make this work.

I’m going to demonstrate today’s choice with MS Project, the most common scheduling tool used world-wide (30 million users), but many of these principles are similar in other scheduling tools.

And by clicking, typing or double clicking, you are presented with several choices for establishing a relationship.

In this next diagram, you will see a relationship type called Start to Finish.

With these, you just need a little knowledge and you are on your way!

Common Issues to Avoid: It is very common for project managers and schedulers to start with a schedule and wrestle through some of the obvious scheduling choices, but if you want the fewest amount of clicks avoid this common mistake in schedule creation.

In project management, this is a very familiar scenario, where senior management has given a target or a goal with the end date, and in some cases the budget laid out.Scheduling from the End Date: First thing, we need that project end date.With this end date or go-live date, we can start planning backwards.Follow along with these steps: Flipping the Schedule for Forwards / Dynamic Planning: OK, now if you started managing your project schedule, you would find that every time you typed a new duration, you project schedule would continue to push the start date back.What we need to do is tell Project what the new Start Date of the Project is and to start scheduling from the start and moving the end dates out.We have to thank a spanish specialist called Bellotaza, who is working in a project they named "The spanish Singer".This can give you an idea of what we are about to witness.As you can see with this next diagram, it is NOT the easiest to manage a schedule with going forward, let alone follow and progress.OK, now that we have identified a common pitfall, let’s look at how to get this working correctly!This can be used for Reverse engineering, but it doesn’t allow your schedule to be easily managed in a forward progressing one, so avoid this.The idea is that the Start of a Task will trigger the finish of another task.