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Cody accidentally breaks up with her after a false rumor is passed around and he spends the bulk of the show griping about it.

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One morning I was setting up a showcase full of diamond jewelry when a security guard strolled by.“Ah,” he said; “Diamonds, one of the gems from the Bible.” Right: this security guard was an evangelical Christian, who walked around with a smile on his face because he was certain that the Rapture was coming any day now and all us non-believers were going to have to watch him be seated on the right hand of the Lord while we were thrown into pits of hell fire.I am not the person you want around when you want to take out your frustrations with, say– as a is not me.When it comes to debating the merits of you complaining about my keeping you waiting 5-minutes on a Sunday afternoon against you speaking nary a word against those who forced you to take a mid-week trek to Outer Bug Fuck, NJ, I will fiercely demand, “What’s up with that shit? The next day I headed to the National Archives on my own to have a look around, and was going through the security check point when a young/middle aged officer said to me, “You can put your bag right here, young lady.” Do I look old enough that oldish guys are calling me that”young lady” thing that old and young-ish guys do to old ladies because they think it is charming for us old bats to be patronized that way?? I’m seriously thinking of getting my hair dyed some flattering shade of honey blonde, like they do in France. Next, we all met at the United States Botanic Garden not far from the Archives, and me, my sister, and the Extra Cute One-Year Old wandered into a greenhouse that featured small fake dinosaurs. ” I said to my sister, “If this is all about multi-million-year-old plants from the time of the dinosaurs (I know how to take a clue), maybe we could find a Wollemi Pine here!And it reminds me how I better get cracking on that invention that I dream about, the Book That Writes Itself.

I left DC, our nation’s capital, on such a train and by the time I was allowed to board I was in a tizzy.The workshops are free, and open to all interested parties on the second and fourth Thursday evening in each month, from 7 – 9. I will make you self-conscious as an observer of life so that you understand that life is what gives you copy.In my workshops I will learn you on identifying your voice; on understanding what your story is (is it a short story? I will urge you go to your local Walmart, your local grocery store, your nearest bus stop; I will make you report back to the workshop at least three overheard conversations that you gathered on your new role as a writer, a snoop, an observer of the human condition. One day, when my brother was three years old, my parents had to rush him to the hospital. Because, prior to the fun rush to the hospital, my parents had thought that my brother was sitting happily in the driveway, amusing himself by playing with his Matchbox cars.The job, like every other job in retail, sucked, because people suck, especially people who have nothing better to do than shop for jewelry.Every morning, we sales “associates” had to come in early to pull all the gems from the vault to set them up in showcases.My sister is 18 years younger than I, so it’s natural that when we are together with the Extra Cute One-Year Old that strangers would assume that I was the grandmother. Then we moseyed through the rest of the greenhouses, and I saw several more Wollemi Pines.We were sitting in a cafe at the excellent new Southwest Waterfront (DC’s hottest new development). By your fifth or sixth Wollemi Pine, you’ve pretty much seen enough of the Wollemi Pine. Fun Fact: The Latin name for the Wollemi Pine is because it was discovered in the Wollemi National Park, and because the last name of the guy who discovered it was Nobel (David Nobel). Other Fun Fact: Neither the Wollemi Pine nor the Australian Pine are”pines”. I did something in that book that I didn’t do in the two previous books, which was design it so that text was dropped onto and incorporated into full-page illustrations, so I was curious to see how the Korean edition would handle that: Yes, the English text that appears over the top corner of this watercolor illustration of Karen Kersting’s rose garden in New Orleans was miraculously changed into Korean.Well done, Seeing this new version of my book reminds me how much work it takes to put a book together.He was inclined to drop Biblical musings into his conversation so this observation of his did not surprise me much. You see, I was a totally obsessive gemology student, and diamonds were (and still are) a favorite stone, and I was also making frequent trips to Israel, so I didn’t even look up from my work when I said, “You mean יהלום, , as described in breast plate of the high priest in Exodus?He also wore crappy three-piece suits with cowboy boots in . Actually it wasn’t a diamond in the breastplate, I think you must have read a bad translation, because there were no diamonds in the Holy Land, so the word most likely refers a clear quartz rather than an actual . No, Canada’s great, I love Canada.” There could still be a happy ending to the tale of the miserable pile of Drumpfs and their idiot Drumpf-dom. So let’s bring this blog post to a happy ending by checking in with the cat herd here in Vivian World.