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Closest you get is maybe a sex scene in Mass Effect or Heavy Rain, or talk of strippers and hookers with censored-out privates in Saint's Row.
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Just select either your nearest city or your region from the menu's below for a preview of our latest members near you.
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Any act to promote or gain profit in any manner (e.g.
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I love this site and and all that its done for my dating life.
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And I'm glad I put my doubt and fear aside and decided to give it a try. 5,745 e-mails from women, gotten the phone numbers of 4,234 of them, and went on 398 dates in 4 years. Oh, sure, there are the Wilt Chamberlains, Magic Johnsons and Michael Jordans of the world who have reputedly dated incredible numbers of women, but they did so through the power of their celebrity. I'll bet you have some friends that are much better than you at meeting women... I'm here to tell you that there is nothing I've done that YOU cannot do when you know what I know. I received emails back that all consisted of similar content...